Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crimson Laurel Gallery presents "Anthropogenic" ceramics by Eric Knoche and Matt Jacobs

This July 3rd., Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC presents “Anthropogenic”, new work by Matt Jacobs and Eric Knoche. These two accomplished potters from Asheville are on the leading edge of studio ceramic design. Both use a local clay that is rich in particle variation and organic material that makes it both plastic yet unpredictable. Their influence on the clay results in beautiful and unique works of art.

Matt believes that his goal is to allow the clay to have its own voice. Many of his surfaces expose the interior rather than covering it up. And, surfaces added to the clay are done so in a way that the dark iron clay beneath is allowed to show through. In the wood firing process Matt exposes the clay to a journey of intense heat, time and space, which contains both risk and balance. In encountering his work, Matt hopes the viewer is called to reflect on their own unique home, family, and life in their particular place on our world.

Eric's current body of work is a personal exploration of how form and spatial relationship resonate within the human spirit as well as an anthropological search for the meaning and beauty generated through interaction of humans and objects. He currently utilizes vessel forms as distillations of our common meta-culture, both ancient and contemporary, into tangible and recognizable objects. Ultimately he is searching for a deeper understanding of the human spirit and its relationship to both the physical world and the natural rhythms of life.

The exhibit will open on July 3rd. with an artist reception at 6pm. The exhibit will remain at Crimson Laurel Gallery through August 29th. For more information call 828-688-3599 or visit

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