Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rob Pulleyn and Deb Karash show at Crimson Laurel Gallery

The opening of "Same View Different Window", ceramics by Rob Pulleyn and art jewelry by Deb Karash was very well attended by artists and enthusiasts alike. John and I would like to thank all those who helped make the night a great success for the artists and our community. The importance of an art opening, especially one in such a small community as Bakersville, is multifaceted. It's about showing support for those in our community who have chosen to make their living from art or craft. Making a living this way is difficult to say the least and some are more successful than others. Those who have chosen this path are very passionate about what they do. Openings are also about meeting individuals who support the artists, talking with them, thanking them and learning from them. The bottom line is that no matter who the artist is, a show of support goes a very long way toward the creative process as a whole.

Crimson Laurel Gallery has created a space in an unlikely location that celebrates ceramics and jewelry alike. It's a space to casually wander through he vast talent we have in western North Carolina and across the country. The exhibit space was created to showcase those who have achieved a level of advanced accomplishment in their art or craft. We invite everyone to view the latest exhibit by Rob Pulleyn and Deb Karash. The neatly composed squares of soil with a small glass sheet on which the jewelry sits is worth the trip itself. The complements received about both the art and the installation itself were overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who attended the opening. The exhibit can be seen
online at

A new brochure is available listing all the exhibitions for 2009 for Crimson Laurel Gallery, Penland School of Craft, The Design Gallery, Crabtree Creek Gallery and both TRAC locations.

These brochures are available at all of the above mentioned locations and at the Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce.

David Trophia
Crimson Laurel Gallery

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