Monday, April 6, 2009

University of Kentucky Visits Home of the Perfect Christmas Tree Store

The Home of the Perfect Christmas Tree Store has hosted visitors from around the world...literally. From Australia to England and even a group of Italian mayors have visited our little store on the corner, as well as visitors from around our own country. Today a group from the University of Kentucky will visit the store to learn about our unique model for economic development and revival.

The group is a part of the Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute from the University of Kentucky. Their visit is the first of two visits they will make to the Store. They are touring rural communities in Western North Carolina that have been successful recruiting entrepreneurs, developing their crafts industry, marketing their region and much more. The group is being brought today by Becky Anderson, former Director of Hand Made in America and newly announced Mitchell County EDC Director.

We look forward to sharing our story with this group and to telling them about our wonderful area and craft industry. It's always a pleasure to share good things!

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