Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spruce Pine Gets Wet

A total of 824 votes were cast in the election on alcohol in Spruce Pine on Tuesday, March 10. All four votes passed in the alcohol election by nearly 100 votes. Malt Beverage passed with 55.7 percent with 459 votes for and 365 votes against. Unfortified wine passed with 55.33 percent with 457 votes for and 369 votes against. ABC Store passed with 55.27 percent with 456 votes for and 369 votes against. Mixed beverage passed with 55.91 percent with 459 votes for and 362 votes against. The Malt Beverage vote deals specifically with beer or other malt beverages under 16 percent alcohol content that can be sold in stores. Unfortified wine is any non liquor beverage over 16 percent alcohol can be sold in stores. The ABC store vote will bring an ABC store to the Spruce Pine city limits. Mixed Beverage allows for the on premise sale of liquor in a drink for the consumption on property.

The town will now need to appoint an ABC board that will oversee how the funds from alcohol sales will be appropriated in the county. The new board will decide where the ABC store will be located. Any business wishing to sell alcohol or liquor by the drink must apply for a permit.

As this election was townwide, businesses or restaurants wishing to serve alcohol must be within the city limits. The rest of Mitchell County is considered dry and no alcohol can be sold.

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